Cross-channel Sales And Marketing

Cross-channel selling refers to promoting and marketing your Shopee store through social media pages. Due to the large number of people selling and searching for items to buy on Facebook or Instagram, engaging your Shopee store with these social media channels can help you increase your sales. By doing so, you increase your chances of becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller.

Social media also paved the way for self-promotion. An example is posting genuine reviews you get from your customers via Facebook Messenger. You can use social media as a channel to gain customer trust. Meanwhile, Shopee remains the channel used by your customers to purchase your products.

In an eCommerce scenario, visible is for sale. This is most likely why Southeast Asian countries account for the most social media penetration in terms of online sales.

Here are the statistics that support that claim (the data below is taken from research conducted by Hootsuite)

Using Shopee Seller Assistant

Shopee Seller Assistant is a built-in database feature within the Shopee app that allows sellers to manage their online store in the easiest way possible. We cover the features of Shopee Seller Assistant in the Ultimate Guide to Shopee Seller Center (insert link here). We will now talk about how you can use it to achieve the title of Preferred Seller Seller.

Know When You Need To Renew Your Supplies Even When You’re Traveling
Shopee Preferred Seller

Go to Sales Assistant and then click My Products. As you browse product pages, you will see the Stock and Sold Out tabs. Just tap on the Sold Out menu to see which products you need to restock. Go to the Stock menu to view the products you currently have in your inventory.

Establish Good Customer-Seller Relations


The My Customers tab in Sales Assistant gives you an overview of all your current as well as past customers from when you sold your first product.

The customer’s name will be displayed as well as the product purchased.

This Seller Assistant feature lets you Student Mobile List identify loyal customers so you can give them vouchers and discounts. In turn, this encourages people to buy more stuff from you.

Update Net Categories Via Assistant SellerShopee Preferred Seller

When you click on Store Category in Seller Assistant, you will be redirected to the Seller Central website. From there, you can review your current categories to see if they need to be changed or if you need to add new categories.

Updating your categories allows you to more efficiently guide potential buyers in finding the products they need or want.

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